Rotary Club Gudur Club ID : 15787 | R.I. District 3160


Dodla Sunderarami Reddy, popularly known as D.S. Reddy, founder of Rotary Club of Gudur is a towering personality in several aspects. He hails from a zamindari family but lead a most democratic and progressive life. He was instrumental in developing Mica Industry in Gudur. He held many importnat positions in public life like President of Cosmopolitan Club and also President of Cooperative Urban Bank...etc

Sri D.S. Reddy was the brain, heart and hands behind establishing the Rotary Club Gudur way back in 1962 by associating elite people of Gudur from various fields. The lamp lit by Sri. D.S. Reddy half a century ago has enormously grown and spreading the light of service to the community so far and future generations too.

Founder Members

1) D.S. Reddy
2) D. Bhaskar Reddy
3) K. Gopalan Krishna Reddy
4) B. Krishna Swamy
5) M. Ramaraghava Reddy
6) Dr. S. Ramachandar Rao
7) P.V. Raghavaiah
8) K.R. Murthy
9) A. Srinivasan
10) S. Sreenivasulu Reddy
11) P. Venkata Krishna Reddy
12) B. Venkata Krishna Reddy
13) M. Venkaiah
14) Alluru Audisesha Reddy
15) G. Dasaratharami Reddy
16) KMK Reddy
17) P. Pola Reddy
18) B. Venugopal Reddy
19) A. Syamsundar Reddy
20) K. Subbarami reddy
21) P. Chandrasekhar Reddy
22) P. Chenga Reddy
23) N. Subba Reddy
24) P.V. Subba Reddy
25) Wober Dofer